Our botanical park is home to both native and exotic plants, together with a large pinewood and an ancient citrus orchard.

The olive groves have centuries old trees that tell the story of this arid, sanguine Puglian soil, bitter and beautiful, and of time that here passes slowly, leaving its trace on all things living and dead.

The majestic and genrous trunks of the prickly pears, fuits purple, orange of white, deliciously sweet and all different in flavour.

There are the giant Gargano capers, its flowers more lovely than orchids, elegant, one-day flowers that open from an exquisite bud.

The bright blue campanulas that clamber everywhere and catch the eye, the intensely fragrant Angels’ Trumpets with their large bell-shaped flowers, pink, yellow and white, and various species of jasmin, bougainvillea in many rare shades, agapanthi like fireworks, jacaranda trees and Erythrina crista-galli, rare plants from Borneo, South America, Madagascar and Africa.

The glorious Bauhinia with its large fuchsia, red and white flowers and bilobate leaves, the Silk Floss Tree with its spiked barrel-shaped emerald trunk and beautiful pink and white flowers.

The seven hectare park is a refuge for every kind of native or migratory bird, especially now that the whole coast has been ruined by building right down to the sea. Here the cottages, all different from each other and built at different times, are very few and far apart, thus offering space and privacy to the few guests of the village; guests who prefer contact with nature and with themselves to that of the masses and of consumerism.

Also the relationship with the sea is out or the ordinary; a small and lovely bay, set apart and protected by two rocky outcrops; few beach umbrellas, lots of living space coupled with peace and quiet.




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